Conquer the Medals Stand with These Five Tools

It’s Spring 1990 and I am a brace-faced freshman at St. Paul’s School about to row my first race. Despite the crisp New Hampshire air, even just the thought of the battle ahead has me sweating through my racing singlet. I spent the previous night playing out my worst fear—no, not that I would lose, […]

Time-Tested Tips That Prevent Injuries

A couple years ago, I read a story on Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathoner. At 100 years young, he crossed the finish line at the Toronto Marathon. The writer detailed Fauja’s favorite foods and race highlights. But the most fascinating part of the piece was how Singh handled injury prevention. His secret? “I look […]

Step into the Pain Cave! One of my favorite rowing workouts.

Every now and then I get a little stale, a little bored, a little frustrated with my training. This past winter, although I had a new workout routine – battling New England snowdrifts with my plastic shovel – I was in that very same place. So like any normal person (not really), I signed up […]

My Three Tips for Summer Cross Training

I love June. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is the first hot weather we get in New England. Remembering back to my college rowing days, June also signaled a much needed break in my rowing training. After a tough Spring of dual racing, Sprints’ and IRA’s, June was the start of […]

Your Mind, Not Your Body, is Your Greatest Asset. Train It.

You’re at the gym—shorts on, running shoes laced up. You’re about to hit some cardio or weights when you realize that you forgot to pack your iPod, which means you’ll have no music to get you through your workout. For many, this is the point at which a major case of cranky sets in. But […]

Your New Year's Resolutions are History

Your New Year’s Resolutions are History

I’m amazed at the number of people who make New Year’s resolutions, not because I’m against goal-setting, but because if you asked those same people to make a goal in June versus January, they’d probably opt for a one-week or one-month change, not one that lasts an entire year. Your New Year’s Resolutions are history. […]