Swimming Tips and a New Workout Just in Time for Summer

The days are sunnier, the boss a little more flexible (hopefully) and the waters are warm (in that cold, New England kind-of-warm-way). It’s the perfect time to bust out the goggles and swim cap and immerse your body in your favorite pool or saltwater haven. Swimming is a fantastic cross trainer for all athletes. It […]

Your Reboot Workout Schedule for February

Right now, your strict workout schedule of January may be slacking. You may be considering moving your first race to later in the year. Maybe you are still traveling for family or career, interrupting your workout schedule. You may already be bored with your New Year’s Resolution. Wherever you are, let me make take the stress […]

No Time for an Outdoor Adventure? Try the Shockwave Rowing Workout

Dinner reservations were at 6:30pm; my iPhone snickered 5:34pm, knowing I still had a couple emails to fire off. Didn’t help that it was pitch black outside, 35 chilly degrees, and I still needed sweat to out the day. Needless to say, I had no time for an outdoor adventure. It’s easy to “chump out” […]

My Three Tips for Summer Cross Training

I love June. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is the first hot weather we get in New England. Remembering back to my college rowing days, June also signaled a much needed break in my rowing training. After a tough Spring of dual racing, Sprints’ and IRA’s, June was the start of […]