Head of the Charles Indoor Rowing Workout

In the fall of 1965, my father and grandfather took a gamble in signing up together for a small, unknown regatta named the Head of the Charles. It was the first year this race was being held. They and the other 60 or so competitors lined up to see how fast they could cover the […]

A Workout to Ensure Your Legs Drive Your Rowing

Social media makes it very easy for people to ask me for training tips, which I love receiving and answering. Recently, I received this message from a woman who had just started with indoor rowing: “Hello Josh, I am an avid runner and purchased the WaterRowerGx rowing machine so I could have more of an […]

I’ve Found a Solution to the Fitness Malaise

Sometimes I find myself finishing a workout feeling a little “less than.” Maybe it’s because I wasn’t committed to my burpees and squats. Perhaps I just floated around aimlessly from the treadmill to the Elliptical, to the rower… while flipping through my playlist desperately searching for the perfect “pump up” song. Despite how long I’ve […]

The “Summer is Headed Our Way” Rowing Workout

Summer is headed our way and outdoor training favorites such as running, cycling and rowing (on the water) return once again. Some of you more extreme folks bundled up and modified your gear to handle the rough conditions; but for most of us, these activities hibernate every year until warmer temps make things a little […]

The Days Are Longer Now

Days are longer now, but kids’ sports practices, sunset drinks with colleagues, conference calls with California compete with our workout schedule and can be lethal to our fitness program; we’re easily “forced into” a day off and then even another.  When we do have a small window for a workout, we often fall prey to, […]

6 Ways to Get Started Indoor Rowing

My mission for the past decade or so has been to bring rowing to as many people as possible; I want to educate people on the many benefits of rowing. Boat clubs are great way to do so, but are limited in how many folks they can coach a year. And although rowing on the […]

No Time for an Outdoor Adventure? Try the Shockwave Rowing Workout

Dinner reservations were at 6:30pm; my iPhone snickered 5:34pm, knowing I still had a couple emails to fire off. Didn’t help that it was pitch black outside, 35 chilly degrees, and I still needed sweat to out the day. Needless to say, I had no time for an outdoor adventure. It’s easy to “chump out” […]

A Relationship With Pain

In 1991, the saying, “pain is temporary, pride is forever,” was inked on to the back of my St. Paul’s School practice shirt. It was our code that year as we ripped strokes into Turkey Pond’s brackish water preparing for our season. That spring, I learned something that has stuck with me to this day: the best rowers […]

Charging the Charles Twice in One Weekend

Two weeks ago I had the joy and thrill of racing down the course for the 2016 Head of the Charles Regatta, not once but twice. Below are my race experiences and what I learned from charging the Charles twice in one weekend. I raced on Saturday in a reunion crew comprised of the exact […]

Step into the Pain Cave! One of my favorite rowing workouts.

Every now and then I get a little stale, a little bored, a little frustrated with my training. This past winter, although I had a new workout routine – battling New England snowdrifts with my plastic shovel – I was in that very same place. So like any normal person (not really), I signed up […]