Your Reboot Workout Schedule for February

Right now, your strict workout schedule of January may be slacking. You may be considering moving your first race to later in the year. Maybe you are still traveling for family or career, interrupting your workout schedule. You may already be bored with your New Year’s Resolution. Wherever you are, let me make take the stress […]

A Workout For When You Feel Defeated

It wasn’t for lack of effort, but for some reason things weren’t lining up for me today to get in a solid workout. One blunder after another, the day slipped away from me. So I created a workout for when you feel defeated. My computer crashed after knocking my morning ritual Yerba Mate tea all over its […]

Three Tips to Make Your Winter Workout Regimen More Consistent

Let’s face it; the winter can freeze our training. When the wind is brutally cold, the days short and dark, and the snow and ice cover your favorite rowing spot, it’s easy to talk yourself into taking the day off. Soon the temps pop into the 50’s, you break out your running shoes and realize […]

Make Your Weakness Your Strength

“Make your weakness your strength” my pee-wee hockey coach told me after a horrible game where I failed to put-puck-in-net. That coach was my dad, and while we both knew I could skate all day long (the endurance athlete in me), handling the stick left a lot of room for improvement. With hours logged in […]

Don’t make excuses; do the work

Sometimes a coach says something you remember forever: “It’s easier to just do the work, then to try to figure out how to get out of it!” My Freshman crew coach, Scott Roop, pulled this one out when grumblings against our torturous dry-land workouts got to be too much. Although we knew this training would […]

A Relationship With Pain

In 1991, the saying, “pain is temporary, pride is forever,” was inked on to the back of my St. Paul’s School practice shirt. It was our code that year as we ripped strokes into Turkey Pond’s brackish water preparing for our season. That spring, I learned something that has stuck with me to this day: the best rowers […]

Conquer the Medals Stand with These Five Tools

It’s Spring 1990 and I am a brace-faced freshman at St. Paul’s School about to row my first race. Despite the crisp New Hampshire air, even just the thought of the battle ahead has me sweating through my racing singlet. I spent the previous night playing out my worst fear—no, not that I would lose, […]

Time-Tested Tips That Prevent Injuries

A couple years ago, I read a story on Fauja Singh, the world’s oldest marathoner. At 100 years young, he crossed the finish line at the Toronto Marathon. The writer detailed Fauja’s favorite foods and race highlights. But the most fascinating part of the piece was how Singh handled injury prevention. His secret? “I look […]

Your New Year's Resolutions are History

Your New Year’s Resolutions are History

I’m amazed at the number of people who make New Year’s resolutions, not because I’m against goal-setting, but because if you asked those same people to make a goal in June versus January, they’d probably opt for a one-week or one-month change, not one that lasts an entire year. Your New Year’s Resolutions are history. […]