Head of the Charles Indoor Rowing Workout

In the fall of 1965, my father and grandfather took a gamble in signing up together for a small, unknown regatta named the Head of the Charles. It was the first year this race was being held. They and the other 60 or so competitors lined up to see how fast they could cover the […]

The Hill Running Workout for Everyone

“PUKE” was painted at the top of the paved hill at a training ground all Brown Crew members knew too well. It was part of Scott Roop’s dry-land training protocol: a straight shot from the bottom of college hill to the top 10 times in a row. The goal was to run up at full […]

A Workout to Ensure Your Legs Drive Your Rowing

Social media makes it very easy for people to ask me for training tips, which I love receiving and answering. Recently, I received this message from a woman who had just started with indoor rowing: “Hello Josh, I am an avid runner and purchased the WaterRowerGx rowing machine so I could have more of an […]

The Singing Beach Combine

It’s hot out there. If you’re like me, you will be heading for the beach to cool off. Unfortunately for my wife, I am not really into sitting still by water’s edge flipping through a magazine. I have to move! The beach is the perfect place to get in a workout – and no I […]

Swimming Tips and a New Workout Just in Time for Summer

The days are sunnier, the boss a little more flexible (hopefully) and the waters are warm (in that cold, New England kind-of-warm-way). It’s the perfect time to bust out the goggles and swim cap and immerse your body in your favorite pool or saltwater haven. Swimming is a fantastic cross trainer for all athletes. It […]

The Days Are Longer Now

Days are longer now, but kids’ sports practices, sunset drinks with colleagues, conference calls with California compete with our workout schedule and can be lethal to our fitness program; we’re easily “forced into” a day off and then even another.  When we do have a small window for a workout, we often fall prey to, […]

Ride into Spring

If you can’t get on the gym as much as you’d like to enjoy spring foliage bloom, then it’s a wonderful time to grab the road bike and hit the pavement. As you may have read in my blog ”Step Onto the Bike With Me,” cycling is a superb cross-trainer for your general fitness and […]

Soak Up These Tips to Jump into SUP

If you told me that you could combine my love of rowing, surfing and nature all into one package, I would hug you. Well that’s exactly what happened to the lucky dude who introduced me to Stand Up Paddling (or SUP). When I planted my feet on the stand up board for the first time, […]

Your Reboot Workout Schedule for February

Right now, your strict workout schedule of January may be slacking. You may be considering moving your first race to later in the year. Maybe you are still traveling for family or career, interrupting your workout schedule. You may already be bored with your New Year’s Resolution. Wherever you are, let me make take the stress […]

A Workout For When You Feel Defeated

It wasn’t for lack of effort, but for some reason things weren’t lining up for me today to get in a solid workout. One blunder after another, the day slipped away from me. So I created a workout for when you feel defeated. My computer crashed after knocking my morning ritual Yerba Mate tea all over its […]