The Classic : Downloadable Rowing Workout : The “Classic” is the first video in the Josh Crosby Fitness rowing workout series. Let Josh Crosby – former World Champion rower and Ironman World Champion competitor – take you down the river with this 30 min., calorie-crushing rowing workout. Josh will bring your strength, endurance and overall rowing times to new heights. From high intensity intervals to steady endurance work this workout will strengthen 9 major muscle groups, increase flexibility and burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes! Download Here

The Fast Time Formula : Downloadable Rowing Workout : Ever wanted to improve your 500m/1000m/2000m times on the rowing machine? We are tested in the boathouse, at the gym in fitness workouts like ShockWave, Cross-Fit, Indo-Row, Orange Theory Fitness and in our own battles at home on the rower to produce the best times possible for these distances. Getting your best times on the rower is about technique and fitness of course, but approach and strategy are huge components. Learn the tips and tricks straight from my days on the Brown University’s crew and the U.S. National Rowing Team to knock seconds (maybe even minutes) of your times. Oh yeah, your going to get one heck of a workout while doing so. Download here

The Power 20 : Downloadable Rowing Workout : This workout video will take you through a calorie crushing, high-intensity, interval workout in less than 20 minutes. Inspired and designed from my days on the Brown University crew, there is no time to “check-out”. Download here

Josh Crosby is now a rowing coach for PEAR Sports! The PEAR app provides hundreds of unique workouts by some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the fitness industry. Whether you’re looking to shed that extra weight, build your endurance, or increase flexibility, PEAR will help you reach your goals. Josh has contributed 5 different workouts for Pear, which you can learn more about by clicking here