The “Summer is Headed Our Way” Rowing Workout

Summer is headed our way and outdoor training favorites such as running, cycling and rowing (on the water) return once again. Some of you more extreme folks bundled up and modified your gear to handle the rough conditions; but for most of us, these activities hibernate every year until warmer temps make things a little […]

The Days Are Longer Now

Days are longer now, but kids’ sports practices, sunset drinks with colleagues, conference calls with California compete with our workout schedule and can be lethal to our fitness program; we’re easily “forced into” a day off and then even another.  When we do have a small window for a workout, we often fall prey to, […]

Fast Food

“My body is my temple!” You’ve heard that one before. You’ve probably even subscribed to that motto once upon time by strategically placing endless hours of energy into perfecting form, building muscle (and mind) for race day, calculating sleep for recovery and fueling for that long ride or row. From pitching oars to the degree […]

What’s Your Next Race?

Are the glory days really behind us? I’d argue that the “glory days” are actually upon any one of us right now. Racing in your 40’s, 50’s or even at my father’s age of 75 (he rowed in the 1st and 50th HOCR) holds just as many wonderful benefits as it did back in the […]

Ride into Spring

If you can’t get on the gym as much as you’d like to enjoy spring foliage bloom, then it’s a wonderful time to grab the road bike and hit the pavement. As you may have read in my blog ”Step Onto the Bike With Me,” cycling is a superb cross-trainer for your general fitness and […]

Lyme Disease and Me

Over three years ago, I continually woke up feeling stiff, sore and fatigued. It’s one thing to feel this way when in training or from frequent races, but I haven’t had the joy of crossing a finish line of any kind to justify my creeping geriatric condition in a long time. What could be causing […]

Soak Up These Tips to Jump into SUP

If you told me that you could combine my love of rowing, surfing and nature all into one package, I would hug you. Well that’s exactly what happened to the lucky dude who introduced me to Stand Up Paddling (or SUP). When I planted my feet on the stand up board for the first time, […]

P.S. Don’t forget to take in the view!

Reflecting back on a trip to the Sierra Nevadas, I remember what it was like to fall in love again. It had been a long time since I’d been hit with such beauty, power and serenity at the same time. I also knew that with this “one”, total focus, finesse and determination would need to […]

Positive Peer Pressure

Last week my alarm went off at 5:45am. My hams were tight, I had two little ones in bed – a kicker on one side and a cougher the other – and my run the day before had left me feeling almost arthritic. Getting up to row seemed like a younger man’s game. Two cups […]

Surviving on the Road

The most frustrating thing about travel is how it knocks us off our fitness wagons. We often return home having lost ground, either because of our schedule or destination prevented us from working out. After 85,000 air miles logged last year, I’ve learned how to survive the road, maintain fitness and preserve health along the […]