I love June. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is the first hot weather we get in New England. Remembering back to my college rowing days, June also signaled a much needed break in my rowing training. After a tough Spring of dual racing, Sprints’ and IRA’s, June was the start of a much needed “mix-up” in my training, a mental and physical respite, a chance to move my body in new ways. Because I am starting my summer cross training, I decided to share with you my three tips for summer cross training.

It’s very easy to think that you need to start training right away after 2k season closes, prepping for the Head of the Charles months away. However, doings so can actually put you in rough waters. If you are even slightly in agreement with me, I have some solutions to move your body and mind in a new way, increase flexibility and strength and get you ready to attack when the time is right.

My Three Tips for Summer Cross TrainingMy three tips for summer cross training

1. USE YOUR BODY: TRX is a suspension training product and program which takes you away from the dumbbells by leveraging gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. This system created by former USC rower and Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, is unbeatable in building a rock-solid core while Increasing muscular endurance body wide and increasing range of motion. Convenience is a perk too. TRX can be set up anywhere, at home, while traveling or even at the beach.

2. STAND UP PADDLING: You may have heard me blab about this in the past, but now is a perfect time to appreciate the water in a new way: standing up! Muscle groups worked? Core, back, arms, shoulders and even the legs are all challenged while boosting your balance and blade work. Just like in a boat, the motion is all about locking the blade in the water, bracing with your body and powering your board past that point in the water using several major muscle groups over and over. Be smart and pick a beautiful body of water. You will be so distracted by your surroundings, you won’t even realize the workout you received until attempting to get out of bed the next morning!

3. TRAIN WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT: If the body and mind ain’t calling you to move, don’t! Spend a 3-4 weeks really allowing yourself to recover from all those 4 hour training days. After a long bought with illness, I recently noticed my body calling me to take it outside and work it out. I haven’t felt that way in months so I knew that I was ready to move again and train. With a tough racing season mentally and physically endured, don’t be afraid to let yourself truly recover. It will serve you well when it comes time to hit the water again in a serious way.