Right now, your strict workout schedule of January may be slacking. You may be considering moving your first race to later in the year. Maybe you are still traveling for family or career, interrupting your workout schedule. You may already be bored with your New Year’s Resolution. Wherever you are, let me make take the stress of “what should I do for my workout” out of the equation. Although this is a simple formula, this routine can be done almost anywhere and is designed to take your body through various ranges of motion. Consider this your reboot workout schedule for February.

The Workout Schedule

Day 1 Run: If you are ‘re-awakening’ those running legs, do 3 minutes of walking at an aggressive pace followed by running/jogging for 2 minutes. Repeat cycle for 20-30 minutes total. If a seasoned runner, hit it hard by testing your speed with six, 2 minute pushes at 5K pace worked in to 30 minutes. This is meant to be a quick, but challenging.

Day 2 Strength: Using my workout from Superset Workout for Strength Gains is a perfect fit here.

Day 3 Swim: Hop in your closest pool, ocean or lake – depending on where you live in relation to the equator! You will work the lats, core and back in this total-body workout. Start by swimming a total of 600-800m alternating strokes (back, breast or free). For more advance aquatic folks, go for 1200-1600m total making every other 100m Hard.

Day 4 Hike: Explore new territory via foot with the loved ones. Work four, 10 minute pushes at a hard but steady effort into the mix.  60-90 minutes total.

Day 5 Recovery:  Do some easy yoga, rolling or restorative stretching to increase flexibility and muscle recovery.

Day 6 Bike: Beg, borrow or steal (rent) a bike and get those legs moving without impact. Attack the hills to give an extra little power to those legs that will soon be needed. If no access to outdoor riding, find your local indoor cycling studio and sign up for a class.

Day 7 Your Choice: Pick your favorite day and do it again!