My mission for the past decade or so has been to bring rowing to as many people as possible; I want to educate people on the many benefits of rowing. Boat clubs are great way to do so, but are limited in how many folks they can coach a year. And although rowing on the water is magical, it has its limitations and complications. I knew that indoor rowing was the way to go. Now, I want to introduce you to 6 ways to get started indoor rowing.

Thirteen years ago, when I started Indo-Row, the average gym user was unfamiliar with indoor rowing. The indoor rowing machine was often thought of as “the dusty, rusty machine in the corner.” People either didn’t know how to use it or felt uncomfortable trying to figure it out. While the fitness industry has fully embraced indoor rowing as an exceptional workout, some people are still intimidated by the machine. Here are a few great ways to experience indoor rowing for the beginning rower.


6 Ways to Get Started Indoor Rowing

  1. Try the WaterRowerGX rowing machine: I love the way it feels – the smoothness, the catch, and the resistance. The seat is super comfortable too! With the sound and feel of the water, you feel that you are actually in a boat. Because of the 17 liters of stationary water, people instantly feel resistance when starting to row.
  1. I offer three different workout videos to help you get started rowing on your own. From the learning the timing of rowing to increasing your speed, these three workouts can help you accomplish your goals. See them all here
  1. Indo-Row Classes: The unique format of Indo-Row® captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing, creating a class that is fast-paced and engaging from the first minute. From “Skills and Drills” to “Waves and Recoveries,” and the final build up to a friendly but competitive “Race,” Indo-Row® quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members. Find a live class here.
  1. ShockWave Classes: Shockwave is a new high-intensity functional fitness training program designed to push you to your max effort and provide extreme results. Each training session provides short-bursts of calorie torching intervals along with functional strength stations designed to target and chisel all of the muscle groups. You will work harder than you thought you could because of the camaraderie, friendly team competition, and fast pace of the class!
  1. Orangetheory Fitness: At Orangetheory, you’ll get the energy of a group workout with the attention of an experienced personal coach. Our coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. An Orangetheory coach will also show you how to row properly and offer tips on your form throughout the workouts that involve the rowing machine.
  1. CrossFit : Many WODs involve rowing, so find a box with a great coach. Show up early so the coach can assist you on form and the timing of the machine. I was interviewed for the CrossFit Journal, which you can read here.