Sometimes I find myself finishing a workout feeling a little “less than.” Maybe it’s because I wasn’t committed to my burpees and squats. Perhaps I just floated around aimlessly from the treadmill to the Elliptical, to the rower… while flipping through my playlist desperately searching for the perfect “pump up” song. Despite how long I’ve been doing this, my workouts, while sweaty, aren’t always very productive. Sometimes it can be explained by a low energy factor, but for the most part, it’s the focus aspect that gets in my way. Maybe you’ve felt the same. Well, I’ve found a solution to the fitness malaise.

Before I lace up, I get as clear as possible about what I want to do, why I want to do it, and how hard. It’s fun to workout, but doing it with a plan, a measurement system and a bigger purpose will increase your performance and let you walk around the rest of the day with your head held high. Even if it’s a 30- minute quickie, I decide if I’m going for endurance, speed, strength, or all three, and why those things matter to my life and health. Then I configure a way to measure output so I know if I’ve succeeded. It pulls the focus – and takes the “meh” out of what should “shahhh!”

Don’t stress if you’re struggling for what to do for your next workout. I laid out a plan you can use anytime, anywhere, designed for 50-60 minutes. Now, select a playlist and do it!

The Workout

Warm-Up: 10 mins. Easy rowing with a focus on technique (engage the legs, control the recovery, stay tall). 22-24 Stroke Per Minute (spm).

Workout: 4x 2000 meters (m) with 2-3 mins. Rest in between each one.

  1. 2000m as 1000m Easy 24 spm/1000m Medium, 26 spm. Just focus on rowing smoothly, in control and strong technique.
  2. 2000m as 1000m Medium, 26 spm /500m Easy 24 spm / 500m Hard at 28 spm. Focus on hitting the Stroke Rate with power.
  3. 2000m Medium, 24-26 spm. Visualize a strong and steady approcach to your 2k race strategy. You are in control. Keep the split time consistent.
  4. 2000m as 1000m Easy 24 spm, 500m Medium 26-28 spm, 500m Hard, 28 -32 spm. Find a rate that you are in control of, but it is challenging and uncomfortable.
 Keep solid technique when tired.

Cool Down 3-5 mins. with focus on form and gratitude for being done!