Summer is headed our way and outdoor training favorites such as running, cycling and rowing (on the water) return once again. Some of you more extreme folks bundled up and modified your gear to handle the rough conditions; but for most of us, these activities hibernate every year until warmer temps make things a little more accessible and enjoyable. So I have created the “summer is headed our way” rowing workout to help you prepare for your outdoor adventures.

Beware. The transition to summer can be tricky. Lakes and rivers may have been idle, trails and roads may be mangled and your calendar may be full. To help ease you back into workouts, as well as take away any guessing, I’m giving you a new rowing workout to add to your arsenal. A little extra bonus? This one only takes 30 minutes while leaving 9 major muscle groups begging for more… rest!

The “Summer is Headed Our Way” Rowing Workout

Warm-Up: 15 mins.

3 mins. – Easy rowing, 22-24 Strokes Per Minute (SPM) with a focus on form. Not sure what to do here? Pay attention to pushing with the legs first as you take each stroke, keeping the soles of your shoes connected to the footboards. Once you get the heels down, don’t let any light creep in beneath your soles even at the Finish.

4 mins. – Medium rowing, 24-26 spm. Keep the same intentions as above, but add in patience on the slide as you return for another stroke. Try to count to “Two Mississippi” (slowly) as you come up.

5 mins. – Easy to Medium, 24-26 spm with 4 x 15 Hard Strokes thrown into the 5 mins. at 28-32 spm. Pay attention to your Split Times on your last two, 15 stroke pieces. Mark this average as your official Benchmark for today’s workout.

Rest/Stretch: 1 min. – Do what you need to do!

Workout: 15 mins.

Set your monitor up for 15 mins.
Then go: 30 seconds Easy, 22-24 spm, 30 seconds Hard, 28-32 spm
Goal is to hit your Benchmark Split or faster for every 30 seconds at Hard.
Tip: Stay positive and as you get tired bring the stroke rate up a bit and keep focus on your technique.

Cool Down: 2 mins.

Easy rowing 22-24 spm with form of which your coach would be proud!